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Understand Business Competition

Understand your Basics and Kickstart your Journey.

Business Competition 101

What is a Business Competition? What is a Case Competition?

Let's find out together.


an event where contestants compete to create the best solution to a business case study within the rules and guidelines set out by the organizer.

Cases may be designed for individuals or teams (typically with a team of 4), and contestants have to submit and pitch their work/solution for judging by a panel.


Case Competition is...

Why is it important? What can you gain?

Learn with


real-world scenarios

Take the role of a Decision-maker

Apply business knowledge to analyze and

solve problems.

Work collaboratively


Share ideas and perspectives


communication skills and

interpersonal skills

Gain decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, and thinking processes.

Regional to Global Competitions

Internal/ORCA Competitions

from APU...

Global Competitions

Invitational Competition Global

From APU to Global

The Boundless World of Competitions

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Sounds good?

Let’s get started!

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